Galvani partners are hiring! 

If you are passionate about Neuroscience, we need to meet !! 

Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes, Marseille, France: 

Two positions are opened within the Dynamap team at the Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes in Marseille. The INS promotes gender equality.

Keywords: presurgical evaluation of epilepsy, electrophysiology, signal processing, brain mapping.

Context: The Epinov multicentric project (PI F Bartolomei, co-PI V. Jirsa) consists in developing and testing a patient-specific diagnostic method for epilepsy pre-surgical evaluation based on advanced computational modelling (virtual brain) and Bayesian inference (  Within this project, an engineer position is available within the Dynamap team ( for two years, in order to develop software tools - in particular handling of large databases in the BIDS format. The position will be located in the epileptology and cerebral rythmology department of the Timone hospital in Marseille.

Profile: software or signal processing engineer, computer sciences, applied mathematicians.

Skills: Programming in Python and Matlab. Experience in electrophysiology or imaging is a plus but is not mandatory.

Competences:  rigorous and well-organized, able to work in a team, good level in spoken and written English.

Context: The Galvani project is funded by a Synergy ERC grant and comprises three teams in University of Rennes (PI F Wendling), Neuroelectrics, Barcelona (head Giulio Ruffini) and Aix-Marseille University (PI F Bartolomei). Its goal is to develop and test methods for non-invasively stimulating the brain with electrical currents (transcranial direct current stimulation, tDCS) in order to decrease pathological activity in patients with epilepsy. The specificity of the approach used in Galvani is to use a high spatial coverage of stimulating electrodes in order to restrict the stimulation to specific parts of the brain. In this context, the goal of this postdoctoral position is to test on a large database of patients signal-processing based measures for quantifying epileptogenicity, that are obtained during the interictal state (i.e. between seizures), first non-invasively (intracerebral EEG) and then non-invasively (magnetoencephalography and EEG) . This will help in turn for the targeting of tDCS towards the epileptogenic cortices which activity needs to be reduced. The candidate will be hosted within the Dynamap team ( at the Timone hospital.

Profile: PhD in neuroscience or biomedical engineering, applied mathematician.

Skills: programming in Python and Matlab, signal processing, electrophysiology

Competences:  rigorous and well-organized, able to work in a team, proficient in spoken and written English.

If you are interested in any of these positions please send a detailed CV and references with the Subject including the job post ID to: