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Galvani team meets again in May in Barcelona!!

The Galvani Project started the 1st of June 2020, however, due to the exceptional cirsumstances occasionated by the Covid-19 pandemic it was only in September 2021 that the team met for the first time in Rennes. More than 6 months after that, the Galvani team meets in Barcelona again in May!

The team will share and brainstorm about the project development during the meeting, which will conclude with a hybrid Workshop organized by the Galvani coordination team!!

The Galvani proposes a synergetic combination of skills and knowledge from three leading European teams spanning biomathematics (computational neuroscience), biophysics (bioelectromagnetism), medicine (epileptology) and engineering that in combination with the invited speakers expertise domain will yield an excellent scientific output, the question now is... are you going to miss it? Where? Barcelona. When? Plenary meeting: 4th-5th May 2022. Workshop: 6th May 2022:

On-site: Galvani team members.

Online: Non-Galvani/External participants. The agenda and registration for the online workshop will be available soon!!


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